Brent Byers

Sho Dan - Instructor

I have been studying Jiu Jitsu for over 30 years. My main instructors have been Jack Bailey, Terry Evans and Tom Twydle.

During this time, I attained the rank of Sho Dan (first) and competed at many tournaments with a reasonable degree of success but unfortunately a championship eluded me. However, my main focus is and has been teaching quality Self Defence. I have trained with many martial artists over the years and have learned something from them all. This has given me a skill base that enables me to teach students of all walks of life and ability. Many of these have gone on to reach Black Belt status themselves.

For me personal achievement runs secondary to teaching(I I hold a c1 coaching certificate issued by the NZ Jiu Jitsu Federation-NZJJF) and after I attained my Sho Dan gaining extra rank was not that important to me, although I am now studying for Ni Dan (second)

It is not the rank, but the person that makes a good martial artist, there have been many talented martial artists that never actually sat for higher grades, but kept up their study for their own development rather than a grade.

Of more importance and satisfaction to me is watching a student actually master a technique and watching them progress.

Teaching quality Jiu Jitsu based on the Japanese style is my main focus and I believe that I have the skills to do this efficiently and effectively.

Brent Byers


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